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For an insurance policy to suit you as a surveyor, we’ve got just the package under our Tradesman and Contractors insurance banner. Our surveyor’s policy includes comprehensive public and (if applicable) employers’ liability insurance and the provision of legal advice helplines for businesses. You can extend your policy to include legal expenses cover in the event of business and employment disputes, and insure against loss to your business equipment such as laptops and tablets.

The perfect plan for small business insurance.

If you’re a surveyor either running a business employing others or as a one-person concern, you’ll be aware that suitable insurance is essential. The problem can be that of time and, with so many insurers and products, the difficulty of knowing what type of policy to choose.

Broker Power is committed to making it as easy, quick and cost effective as possible for businesses of many types, including surveying professionals, to find a policy that meets their unique needs. The power of the Internet combined with the personal touch are the two key ways we help professionals such as yourself find the insurance cover you need.

Our process is simple and easy; you start by answering some simple questions so our panel of top UK insurers can use your information to provide a quote for a policy exactly suited to your circumstances. Next, you choose a specific policy and purchase your surveyors insurance online for instant cover.

If you need to discuss things or require further information feel free to call; you’ll instantly talk to a specialist in trade insurance. Our surveyor’s policy includes full public liability insurance so you’re protected against compensation claims made by members of the public who may have suffered injury as a result of your business activities. Where applicable, employers’ liability - mandatory if you employ one or more staff - protects you from claims made by employees injured in their work duties on your behalf.

As a surveyor, you can extend your policy’s scope by specifying legal expenses cover if you become embroiled in a business or employment dispute, and cover for business equipment can be arranged. This could be worthwhile bearing in mind the specific and high-quality instruments used by surveyors such as 3D scanners.