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Our tradesman & contractors insurance package for roofing contractors delivers tailored cover to meet your public and employer’s liability needs, as well as access to business legal advice helplines. Roofers’ insurance cover can be extended to include all your tools and business equipment, from screwdrivers to laptops and full legal expenses to provide protection against employment and business disputes.

High quality cover for your small business.

If you are a roofing contractor and you’re looking for Public Liability and/or Employer’s Liability Insurance then our specialist tradesman business insurance package has everything you need. We start by asking you the questions that our insurers need the answers to in order to accurately underwrite your roofing contractor insurance so that we can give you a quotation from your local broker backed by our panel of the UK’s largest insurers. Because all of our insurers write business on our common question set and policy wording, your quotation is truly comparative and you can be confident that you are getting the cover you need for your roofing business.

Public Liability Insurance for roofers covers you for compensation that you may have to pay as a result of injury or damage that you have caused while carrying out your work. This could be a spillage, trip, slip or other mishap which resulted in property being damaged or somebody being injured. Public Liability Insurance at the right level is absolutely essential for all small businesses, but particularly roofers and other tradespeople.

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Employer’s Liability Insurance (with one or two minor exceptions) is mandatory in the UK for all businesses that employ people. Where appropriate, this cover will be automatically included in your insurance quotation.

Getting a tailored quote for your roofers insurance is simple. We ask you the questions that the underwriters need to know the answers to (beware of sites that give you a price too quickly) and then find you the best local brokers and the best insurers, whilst putting the final decision in your hands. Because we’ve asked you all the questions up front, we can then show you the best result. You can decide to buy there and then or contact your local broker to get assistance or discuss the finer details.

Unlike other comparison sites, Broker Power works hard to deliver a comparative business insurance quotation backed by a local broker, so there is no need to compare the cover being offered by different brokers and insurers – you can still choose to buy from a selection of local brokers underwritten by an insurer who is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you have any questions before you buy your roofing contractor insurance policy, or even whilst you are insured, you can contact a local business, not a remote call centre, confident that your policy is underwritten by an insurer fully authorised in the UK to write business insurance.