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Our Tradesman & Contractors Package delivers tailored cover to meet your public and employers' liability needs as well as access to business legal advice helplines. Cover can be extended to include tools and business equipment from screwdrivers to laptops and full legal expenses to provide protection against employment and business disputes.

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If you run a business and you’re looking for public liability and possibly employer’s liability insurance too, then our Tradesman Insurance is perfect for you. Not only can you get covered quickly and at a great price, but you can also print off your Public Liability certificate the moment you purchase your cover online.

Public liability insurance protects you against the costs of any compensation claims you may face. This would usually be following an accident that has caused injury to someone, as well as incidents leading to property damage. The cost of a pay-out can quickly derail a business's finances, so this cover is essential – no matter the size of your company. Employer’s liability insurance is mandatory in the UK too. If you have staff on your books, you'll need to take out this cover. If you do need it, we'll include it in your quote.

The process of buying your cover starts with us asking you a set of simple questions. This is so we can build up a complete picture of your business and what kind of insurance you need. We can then accurately underwrite your insurance and offer you a quotation from your local broker backed by our panel of the UK’s largest insurers. All of our insurers are working from identical policy wordings – so that you can compare your quotes easily rather than spend ages trying to figure out what parts of each policy correlate with each other. This means that your quotations are all truly comparative, and you will at a glance be able to see which one is right for your business.

At Broker Power, we offer a comparative business insurance quotation backed by a local broker, so you don't have to go back and forth comparing the cover being offered by different brokers and insurers. Ironically, that makes it easier to compare your quotes against each other with us than with a comparison site. You can choose to buy your cover from a selection of local, experienced brokers – and it will have been underwritten by an insurer who is Financial Conduct Authority approved. You can choose to buy your cover online straight away, and you'll be insured immediately. You can also call a local insurance expert with any questions you have. This isn't something that we’ll charge you for, and you'll never have to suffer through a call to a remote call centre.

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