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Do you run a manufacturing business? If so, you're going to need the right insurance to protect your factory and manufacturers from loss and damage. Luckily for you, our Tradesman Insurance package has all the cover that you need.

Crafted to make small business insurance easier.

So what does it include? You'll get public liability insurance, a must for most businesses. It protects you in the event of a compensation claim for injury or damage to property. In fact, it's not just useful – it's required by law. The same goes for employer’s liability insurance, which you'll need to take out if you have staff working for you. While there are some businesses that are exempt, it's likely that you'll need it. If you do, we'll include it in your quote rather than add it on afterwards. Remember, anyone can ask to see proof that your business is insured. So if you're taking a chance and trading without cover, one day your luck could run out.

We find the best quotes for you by asking the questions that insurers use to provide a quote. As they are then equipped with as much information about your business as possible, they can come up with some really competitive prices. We'll offer those quotes through trusted brokers in your area. Choosing between those brokers is easy too. That's because all our insurance professionals quote from the same policy wordings, so you can compare them like for like and see which one offers you the best deal.

We're different from our competitors in that we offer insurance that's backed by a local broker. So unlike with other sites, you don’t have to compare the cover being offered by different insurers and brokers. When it comes to buying your cover, you can just choose from a selection of local brokers underwritten by an insurer who is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. You can purchase your cover straight away from our website. However, if you want to talk things through with somebody first, you can chat to a local broker completely free of charge. After all, there are some things that are just too important to take a gamble on.