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If you're working as a kitchen installer and you’re looking for insurance then our Tradesman business insurance package could be the perfect option for you. Supplying and fitting kitchens is a complex business and you should have an adequate kitchen business insurance policy in place to ensure that you are covered against losses, damage and accidents.

Insurance that fits your needs perfectly.

To determine the cover that you require we start by asking you to complete a list of questions that will help our insurers provide a set of competitive quotes. Because they all quote from the same policy wording, you can easily compare their offers. What is generally covered?

Public liability insurance protects you against the costs of compensation claims for an accident that happened while working, whether on your business premises or at a customer’s home or business. This could be for injury or damage to personal property. It's legally required that you take this insurance out. The same goes for employer liability insurance, which you usually must take out if you have staff. These are both included in our Tradesman package.

As we ask you a series of detailed questions, we can offer you a service that's a lot more personal than comparison sites. As our insurance professionals all work from the same policy wording, you'll find that the actual process of comparison is easier with us too, because each policy will provide the same cover, the only real difference will be the price.

When the time comes to buy, you can either choose to buy your kitchen and bathroom installation insurance cover online instantly, or speak to a local broker free of charge for additional advice. Both options have their merits, and we don't tell our customers which one to choose. We believe that a business is better off when the boss is firmly in control, and that extends to choosing an insurance policy.