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Do you run a home-based foodstuff makers business? Whether you are baking cupcakes, birthday cakes or preparing food for parties and events, you'll need some insurance so that you can carry on cooking up a storm, no matter what happens. Don't worry though – we've made the whole process simple – and easier on your pocket.

Tailored insurance quotes for passionate foodies.

Thanks to our detailed questionnaire, we can then offer you quotes that fit the needs of your food business at seriously competitive rates. As we ask you all of the questions at the beginning of the process, you can then just look forward to choosing your policy. Quick, simple and great value for money – exactly what buying food handlers’ insurance should be.

So let's take you through the process. We start off with those questions that we've just mentioned, which helps us to build up a picture of your business, and then pass on your answers to a panel of the UK's best insurers. From here we provide you with quotations from your local brokers backed by those insurers. As they are all quoting from the same policy wording, you can make a fair and accurate comparison between them.

Public liability insurance covers you against the costs of compensation claims. These would be claims relating to an incident on site, whether that is injury or property damage. Employer’s liability insurance, with one or two exceptions, is mandatory in the UK for all employers. No matter how big or small your team, it's essential you take this cover out. If you do need it, we'll add it onto your quote.

Comparison sites can actually complicate the process – you'll find yourself going back and forth comparing the covers being offered by different brokers and insurers. With Broker Power, you can just buy from a broker who's backed by an insurer qualified to underwrite insurance by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you've got any questions before you buy your food handlers cover, you can speak to a broker in your area totally free of charge. After all, it's always better to be sure before you buy. When you do decide on a food makers’ insurance policy, you can buy it quickly and securely on our site.