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If you're running your own home-based craftsmen and engineers business, you'll need some insurance. Does the prospect of hunting high and low for the perfect policy fill you with dread though? If so, we're here to show you it can be very simple.

The perfect blend of comparison, expertise and choice.

We just ask you some questions that will allow your home-based engineering business insurance to be accurately underwritten. You will then receive quotations from brokers in your area, backed by those leading insurers. As they are all working from exactly the same policy wording, you can make accurate comparisons between them all.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) protects you in the event of an incident that results in a compensation claim – whether it's relating to injury or property damage. Employer’s liability insurance is a must if you employ people, no matter how many. Although there are one or two exceptions, it's largely mandatory – as is PLI. Anyone can ask to see proof that you've taken it out – so it's not worth taking a chance.

Once you've answered all of our questions, the hard work begins for us while you wait for us to select the best deals for you. Once we've done that, we can then show you what we've found. If there's something you like, you've got the option to buy online immediately or speak with an adviser. It's only natural that you may want a little bit more clarification though – which is why you can contact a broker free of charge for some professional advice.

At Broker Power, we pride ourselves on keeping things simple. There's no searching back and forth like you would on a comparison site, thanks to our insurers quoting on the same policy wordings. There's no frustrating conversations with staff at remote call centres to contend with either – we always put you in touch with brokers close to you. We can also guarantee that from quote to purchase, you'll be dealing with professionals who are fully certified by the Financial Conduct Authority. So whether you choose to buy craftsmen and engineers insurance online instantly or take the time to explore your options, you're being looked over by the very best in the business.