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As a provider of hair, beauty and wellbeing services, you're no doubt totally focused on your customers and their needs. So insurance may be the last thing on your mind. Whether you are a hair dresser, cutting hair, doing make-up or offering holistic health services such as massage and acupuncture, you will need some business insurance in place. We've made the process of getting covered a lot easier.

So, how do we make things simpler for you? Well, we ask you a series of questions that will tell the insurers everything they need to know in order to offer you a really competitive deal. We then offer that insurance through a professional broker in your area, so you'll be saving time throughout the process, and you'll be able to support trade in your local community. As a business owner yourself, it's something you'll understand the importance of.

Public liability and employer’s liability insurances are the foundation stones of our Tradesman package. They'll cover you if a workplace incident results in property damage or injury. They're both required by law – and you can be asked to prove you have them at any time. We offer additional covers too, as each business requires something different. They include:

  • Treatment Risks Cover protects you if a treatment results in someone making a claim for compensation.
  • Tools Cover insures your tools against loss, theft and damage while you're working. You can insure your business devices (tablets, laptops, phone) too.
  • Personal Accident Cover is there for you if you or members of your team have to take a break from work following an accident.

When we've worked together to make the right package for you, you can go ahead and buy from any of your local brokers. You can do this online, which means you could be insured in just a few clicks. If you want to do a little more research first, we respect that too. That's why you can contact any of the brokers for more information – free of charge. All of our insurance professionals are FCA authorised – so you've got knowledge, experience and safety to fall back on before and after you've taken out your cover.