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Owning a corner shop means providing a service at the heart of the local community, so it makes sense to take out some cover so you can carry on running your business – whatever happens. When we say whatever happens, we're not trying to be vague – it's just impossible to see into the future. That's why our package insurance policies and question sets are so thorough – so that you get exactly the right cover for your business, rather than a policy that suits you now and not later.

Comparative shop insurance for corner shops and convenience stores.

The cornerstone of any shopkeeper's cover plan should be public liability insurance. This covers you against any accidents or damages that occur while you are trading. Public liability insurance is legally required for all businesses, big or small. If a customer or authority figure demands to see proof of you having it, you could face prosecution if you don't.

If you have staff working in your shop, you need to know that employer’s liability insurance is compulsory in the UK as well. Yes, there are some exceptions but they are minimal, and you would be breaking the law if you didn't take it out when needed.

As well as those two core elements, our insurance policies include additional cover as standard, combining everything your business needs. Your equipment, stock, fixtures and fittings and business cash will all be protected – as well as your glass shop frontage. If you want to, you can insure the buildings where your business is located, as well as any goods of yours that are in transit. Business interruption insurance covers you if you have to stop trading unexpectedly. You're protected from the cost of disputes involving employees or customers too.

Having collected the relevant information from your completed questionnaire, we'll check the rates and terms offered by our team of FCA authorised insurers, then present you with the best deals from your nearest brokers. While we take on the hard work for you, though, the final choice is always down to you. You can buy online instantly, or contact a broker for more information before you do so.