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Owning your own grocery store means that you've got a great deal of responsibility, especially when it comes to finances. It makes sense then, to take out a grocers’ insurance policy that fully protects your business. Each business is different, and there's no insurance policy to suit every one. That's why our detailed questionnaires are designed to show us exactly what combination of covers that you need. We then carefully choose some providers for you to take your pick from – and they're all working from the same policy wording.

The grass is greener for grocers who use our business insurance comparison service.

So what kind of covers should your policy package include? Without generalising, let's run through the essentials. Public liability insurance covers you for any accidents or damages that occur while you're working. At the appropriate level for each business, this cover is vital – and customers and the authorities can demand to see proof of you having taken it out.

Do you have people working for you? If so, employer’s liability insurance is required by UK law. While there are some exceptions, it's likely you will need it. We'll include it in your quotation if you do – so there's no need to hunt around.

As well as these two core covers, our packages can include additional covers as standard – so you don't have to take out a separate policy. Your equipment, stock, fixtures and fittings as well as your business cash will all be covered, according to the values at risk. As well as that, business interruption insurance covers you if you have to close your green grocers shop for a while. Your shop front glazing is covered, and you're also protected against the costs originating from any disputes. You can insure any goods that are in transit too, along with your shop buildings.

Rates, terms and locations matter to us when selecting the brokers providing your choice of policies – so you'll get the best deals from FCA authorised insurers on your doorstep. The final decision always comes down to you though, whether you go ahead online straight away or take your time talking to any of our brokers before you decide.