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The internet is a valuable resource for many local business owners, and it's only natural that you'll want to purchase your window fitting insurance policy online too. As a glazier who appreciates the importance of great customer service though, you'll value the chance to discuss your options with an expert too. Well, we can offer you both!

Tailored glaziers insurance without the earth-shattering prices

If you run your glazing business, such as a conservatory builder, from a shop, public and employer’s liability Insurance are essential, both for your peace of mind and in the eyes of the law. They protect you in the event of any accidents occurring on your retail premises. You'll also be able to benefit from business interruption insurance, which covers you if unforeseen circumstances mean you have to cease trading. Your glass shop front is protected too, and you are also covered in the event of a dispute, whether that's with an employee or a member of the public. Our Shop Cover is an additional extra, and comes highly recommended. It insures your shop buildings as well as goods while they are being transported.

Many glaziers trade from home, in which case our Tradesman policy would be ideal. It provides you with a variety of covers, starting with the aforementioned public liability insurance, which protects you against the cost of injury to other persons or damage to property while you're working. Employer’s liability insurance is usually mandatory for those who have staff on their books, so we'll include that in your quote if applicable.

We come up with your tailor made insurance package by asking you to complete the questionnaire that our panel of insurers work from. Those insurers and brokers all quote on the same policy wording too, so comparing them all side-by-side couldn't be easier. Once you’ve chosen your broker, you can contact them to discuss your cover in detail, or just purchase your cover instantly through the Broker Power website. You can see how your quotes compare against each other and have access to a quotation document suite, you can be sure your decision is the right one.