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Our Shop Package offers the perfect solution for corner shops. This offers tailored cover that insures your equipment, stock, fixtures and fittings and the cash on your premises, as well as providing protection against disputes that may arise with employees or other businesses. You’ll also be covered if you’re not able to trade due to fire, water damage or vandalism. A range of optional extras, such as cover for your buildings or goods in transit, ensure that your policy covers all eventualities.

Comparative corner shop insurance that's exactly what you need.

As the owner of a corner shop, it’s vital that you have an insurance policy that covers you against financial loss if an event affects your business in an adverse way.

That probably sounds vague, and that’s because it is very difficult for most people to contemplate the unforeseen. Our package insurance policies and question sets are designed to lead you through the process of choosing a combination of covers that is right for your coffee shop before delivering a choice of providers who have put together options using the same policy wordings.

At the core of any corner shop insurance policy should be public liability insurance, which covers your business for compensation you have to pay resulting from injury or damage caused whilst going about your trade. It goes without saying that there plenty of opportunities for this to happen in a shop environment, so it’s a must, and not least because customers and local authorities can check to see if you have adequate cover in place.

If you have staff on your books, employer’s liability insurance is mandatory in the UK. There are some minor exceptions, but you could be breaking the law if you fail to provide the right kind of insurance cover where required.

Public liability and employer’s liability aside, it’s possible to add a range of extras to your corner shop insurance policy that perhaps better serve the needs of the modern retailer. Your equipment, stock, fixtures and fittings and business cash will all be covered according to the values at risk, whilst Business Interruption Insurance covers you if you are unable to trade thanks to an unexpected event.

You can even elect to insure the buildings where your business is located and add additional protection for your goods whilst they are in transit.