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If you work as a carpenter or joiner and you’re looking for fully personalised insurance quotes, look no further than Broker Power. Our tailored service will help you track down the perfect public and employer’s liability policy for your needs – plus, you’ll also have access to legal advice over the phone as and when you need it. Your carpenter and joiner insurance can be adjusted to cover all your tools and equipment, and it can also be used to protect you if you need to deal with any employment and/or business disputes.

Comparative business insurance that’s on the level.

Whether you’re a sole trader or you run a carpentry and joinery firm, our Tradesman package will get you covered for any and all eventualities.

As a carpenter or joiner, there are two basic types of insurance you will need: public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance. These policies will provide cover for different aspects of your working life.

Public liability insurance is designed to cover you financially if you need to pay out due to injury in the workplace or any damage caused while you’ve been carrying out your work. It’s important for small businesses in any industry, but vital for tradespeople who operate in potentially hazardous environments.

If you employ people here in the UK, you’ll need employer’s liability insurance – there’s no way of getting around it!

To get a list of tailored carpenters and joiners insurance quotes from independent, local brokers, all you need to do is answer a set of pre-determined questions that have been developed by our specialist underwriters. You’ll be presented with your options and will be able to make an informed decision from there. If you’d like to speak to a broker about your policy before buying, he or she will be more than happy to have a chat. Remember, all of our brokers are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority for our customers’ peace of mind.

We’re not a faceless company operating via an overseas call centre – we are a dedicated team of insurance professionals who are committed to helping carpenters and joiners find the right insurance policy for their business.