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Our Shop insurance Package for Cake Makers delivers tailored cover to insure your equipment, stock, fixtures and fittings and business cash, as well as providing protection against employment and business disputes. The comprehensive core cover for cake makers also includes protection for your business income should you be unable to trade due to (for example) fire, flood or theft and cover for the glass in your shop front if it is maliciously damaged. A range of optional extras such as cover for your buildings or goods in transit ensure that your insurance policy really fits your needs.

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Our Tradesman & Contractors Package for Cake Makers delivers tailored cover to meet your public and employers' liability needs as well as access to business legal advice helplines. Cover can be extended to include tools and business equipment from piping bags to laptops and full legal expenses to provide protection against employment and business disputes.

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Bringing you fully tailored cake maker insurance packages

As a busy local Cake Maker you’ll understand the attraction of an outlet that can present you with the right insurance product that’s been fully tailored to your needs and made available online from a local insurance professional.

We’ve worked hard to create package products that mould themselves to your requirements by only asking you to answer the questions that our panel of top UK insurers require to deliver a competitive quotation. As all of our insurers and brokers sign up to the same policy wording, you can truly compare like-with-like, all backed up by solid local support and service both at purchase and during the policy period.

If you trade from a retail premises, then our Shop policy delivers the cover you need, starting with public and employer’s liability insurance. These types of cover will protect you in the event of a mishap that causes injury or damage to the general public or your employees as you go about your business. Also included is cover for your equipment, stock, fixtures and fittings and business cash (according to the values at risk) whilst Business Interruption Insurance covers you if you are unable to trade following an unforeseen event. The glass in your shop front is also covered, as well as legal expenses following an employment or business dispute.

You can elect to insure the buildings where your business is located and your goods whilst they are in transit.

If you trade from home and visit your customers then our Tradesman policy gives you the right blend of covers, leading with public liability insurance which covers you for compensation that you may have to pay as a result of injury or damage you have caused while carrying out your work. This could be a breakage, trip, slip or other mishap in your kitchen or throughout your premises which resulted in property being damaged or somebody being injured. Employer’s liability insurance (with one or two minor exceptions) is mandatory in the UK for all businesses that employee people. Where appropriate, this cover will be automatically included in your insurance quotation.

Having progressed through our easy-to-use question set, we’ll present you with our best deal as transacted through a choice of independent brokers local to you.

Once you’ve chosen your broker, you can get in touch with them to discuss the finer detail of your cake makers cover or elect to buy online straight away. You’ll see how our panel of insurers compares against each other and will get access to a full quotation document suite before you do so.