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At Broker Power, we understand that as a busy local bakery owner, an outlet that can present you with the correct insurance product that is personalised to your needs and made available online from a local insurance professional is very appealing. All we require is that you answer the questions that our panel of top UK insurers require the answers to deliver a unique and competitive bakers insurance quotation.

What do our packages have to offer?

For this reason, we have worked hard to develop a shop package for bakers that delivers tailored cover to insure your equipment fixtures, stock and business cash according to the value at risk. Our package also provides protection against employment and business disputes and even includes protection for your business income should you be unable to trade due to reasons that could include flooding, fire damage and theft.

Extras such as cover for your buildings or goods in transit can be added to your package if needs be.

Because all of our insurers and brokers sign up to the same policy wording, Broker Power gives you the ability to compare each quote you receive. All of our policies are backed by professional local support and service, both at the time of purchase and during the policy period itself.

Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance

Public and employer’s liability insurance is at the core of our UK shop insurance policy and will ensure you are protected should you cause injury or damage to the general public or your employees whilst you carry out your work.

As an optional cover you can elect to insure the building where your business is located and your goods whilst they are in transit.