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As a provider of IT services, you'll understand the importance computers play in our day to day lives. So it's natural that you'll head online to look for some business insurance. Whether you are providing technical support, designing websites or developing and installing complex software solutions, you will need some level of IT business insurance in place.

Small business insurance for maximum security.

We've made the whole process quicker and easier, and you can get insured in no time at all. All you have to do is answer some simple questions before we go and find the best deals for you from the UK's leading insurers. We then offer those deals through brokers in your area – not a faceless organization.

What cover do you need? Public liability insurance covers you for compensation that you may have to pay as a result of injury or damage to property while you were carrying out your job. It's impossible to predict if an accident will occur – but this cover will give you complete peace of mind and protect you fully if the worst should happen. It's also a legal requirement for UK businesses – so don't be tempted to avoid getting insured.

Employer’s liability insurance, one or two exceptions aside, is mandatory in the UK too. To put it simply, if you have staff, you're probably going to need this. If you do need this cover, we'll be sure to include it as part of your quote. All business owners have their eyes fixed on costs, so you'll understandably want to get a reasonable price for your cover. At Broker Power, we ask you the right questions straight away so that we can find the insurers who are going to offer you the best deal. Unlike price comparison sites, we deliver a service that's personal to you.

All of our brokers and insurers will be quoting from exactly the same policy wordings – so you can compare them side by side really easily. If you decide that you want to take out your cover immediately, you can do that by buying it online. For some, the chance to talk about their IT services business insurance with an experienced Financial Conduct Authority approved professional is invaluable. That's why you can talk to a broker local to you, completely free of charge. So you can make a decision that's fully informed.